Free Hoy Game Sheets

To help with different activities for you to do with your family while you are inside we have made a 3 pack of Hoy Sheets available to download for free.

Print at home

Simply download the pack of 3 and send to your printer

Download Pack of 3 Free Hoy Sheets

No Printer

Here are 3 links to the individual sheets. Get each person to load a different sheet on their device and they can play from there.

Download Free Hoy Sheet A

Download Free Hoy Sheet B

Download Free Hoy Sheet C


What is needed to play

Each Person Needs a Hoy Sheet - either printed or on their device

Each Person needs 9 markers for their sheet - either tiddly winks or cut up some paper to use as markers to place on the device screen.

The Dealer needs a pack of playing cards

If you don't have a pack of cards in the house here is a link to a free app for android phones -

Apple users will be able to find an app on the app store too


How to play

The dealer will turn over one card at a time and read it out.

If any player has that card on their Hoy Sheet they put a marker on that card.

The game continues until a player has covered all 9 cards on their sheet, when they do they call hoy.


Have fun, stay safe and stay home.